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Large Family Garden, West Putney

View from terrace_May 2019.jpeg

A striking house of architectural importance, the garden needed to match its imposing proportions and strong architecture. At the same time, as a family with three young, boisterous boys, the design needed to allow space for play and exploration.

The large split-level terrace allows an easy flow onto the garden from the house, as well as offering areas for dining and lounge seating. The generous proportions are softened with raised brick planters that flank the terraces and bring green and texture to the space.

The expansive lawn - a pre-requisite of the brief, is flanked by two Breedon gravel paths that offer quite different experiences. To the left, the path takes the visitor on a journey through woodland planting, past a timber tree seat built around an old yew tree and curves sinuously around a multistem feature tree. To the right, the route is more direct and formal, past large beds edged with low hedging and planted with a mix of perennials and small, mounding shrubs.

At the end of the garden, a new modern garden building is set in a large composite deck. Long, narrow planting beds have been cut into the deck and planted with tall grasses to screen the building and provide movement and texture.

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