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Large Arts & Crafts Style Garden, Oxted

Finished view from orchard towards house.JPG

This large garden was carved in two by a tall yew hedge and long stone wall. To one side, the existing garden had been lovingly tended by the owners - two keen and experienced gardeners. On the other side, lay a sunken tennis court, that was no longer in use.

Space around the house and safe access were compromised by the complicated levels. The challenging brief was to return the tennis court to garden as seamlessly as possible, while creating a more expansive family terrace and improving views and access from the kitchen patio doors.

The solution brought a large York stone terrace out over the tennis court void, by building up ground, creating a small upper 'family' lawn, before the grass banked down to a lower lawn and woodland garden at the original tennis court level.


A brick axis path, with a metal sculptural feature provided a focal point from the house and broke up the expanse of lawn. This also created a route from the original 'upper' garden through the new lower garden, culminating in a small orchard.

The result successfully blended old with new and now, it is hard to believe that a large proportion of this elegant garden was once taken up by tarmac!

Landscape contractors: Langdale Landscapes


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