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King's Cross Penthouse

Award-winning roof terrace, King's Cross, London

A newly built penthouse apartment on the King's Cross development, this large, square roof terrace had exciting views across the City.

Having moved from a larger house, the clients were keen to maximise their outdoor space and to use it as an additional living and entertaining area.

The design solution introduced a level change to break up the space and to create different zones within the garden, including a raised deck for relaxing and enjoying views and a lower dining area. Natural stone, timber decking and pebbles were combined to add visual interest and textural variation.

Large evergreen shrubs give height and shelter to the space, while salvias, ferns and hostas provide textural variety and seasonal interest. A contemporary lighting scheme creates drama and atmosphere at night and extends opportunities for enjoying the garden after dark.

This design was recently selected as the winner in its category at the APL (Association of Professional Landscapers) Awards 2017.

Landscape contractors: The Garden Builders 

Photography: Pro Colour Photography

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